Christmas story

I love Christmas for all the usual reasons people love it, but especially for the “giving stories” I hear this time of year and the mindfulness that we are our brothers’ — and sisters’ — keepers.  Yesterday, I received an email from a driver who had eaten Christmas lunch with a rider who is in the hospital and who has no family locally.  No details for privacy reasons, but a simple act of kindness I wanted to share with you that makes this job so much more than just about providing transportation.  While ITNBluegrass is a (nonprofit) business providing a professional service, it works because of the relationships that are forged from myriads of conversations in cars that are taking people from point A to point B.  

I love Christmas for another reason, too.  It reminds me that we ought to do our best to keep the spirit and mindfulness of it — and that includes all end-of-year holidays, whatever we celebrate — all year long!  Very best wishes for a wonderful, mindful 2012!  



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