Day 2 of ITNAmerica’s All-Affiliate Retreat

Long day today. I got up at 5:15 am thinking it was closer to 6:15 (my wake-up time) — the rain was so loud I couldn’t sleep! Now it’s 11:15 pm and I’m wondering why I said I’d blog each day of the retreat!

Today, we learned about how to incorporate the ITN story and what we do via social media. A social media expert from Portland gave us some great ideas on how to keep people coming back to our sites as well as how to link our social media accounts with ITNAmerica’s, so ITNA can send messages to all the affiliates’ accounts at one time. I’d love to hear your suggestions about how to keep ITNBluegrass’ social media activities fresh and relevant to you!

The final breakout session of the day invited Executive Directors to meet with Faith York, ITNA’s trainer and instructional designer. Faith walked us through an examination of our leadership styles and some of the challenges we may face as EDs. The most effective part of this activity was considering why we do this work because running a nonprofit isn’t easy! The answers were heart-felt and basically boiled down to the love we feel for older people and the great satisfaction of helping them stay active and engaged in the community. Faith kept saying, “It’s such a simple concept [giving rides], but there is such complexity behind it.” It’s because everyone has a story to tell! I look forward to asking our riders in the coming months for their stories and hopefully sharing some of them with you.

Good night!


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