Day 1 of ITNAmerica All-Affiliates Retreat

As I look around the room, there are representatives from ITN affiliates all over the United States — Portland, ME; Charleston, SC; Greater Boston; Greater Cincinnati; Monterey County, CA; St. Charles, MO; Central CT; and of course, Lexington, KY.  People from Orlando, FL; Sarasota, FL; and Connecticut are expected tomorrow.  All told there are 18 affiliates nationwide with 17 states represented!  There are also four pre-affiliates with two attending the retreat:  ITNPikesPeak (CO) and ITNOceanState (RI).  The ITN family is growing — there were zero affiliates six years ago!

This retreat is dedicated to “telling our story,” and we are learning and discussing different ways to tell that story — video, social media, storytelling in grant-writing and using financials to tell a good story, among others.

We also watched an award-winning documentary called Old People Driving and spoke to the producer, Shaleece Haas, via speaker phone.  It’s a beautifully-done look at the tough decisions older people often have to make regarding driving.  We think the documentary was filmed somewhere in California, but there was certainly no ITN available to these people as an alternative to driving.  We hope to purchase a copy of the film to show to interested groups around Lexington!    More tomorrow, Laura


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